howmuch service tax i have to pay or it can be exemp

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  1. amrita.macd

    amrita.macd New Member


    Am running proprietorship firm in delhi,
    My service is domain,hosting,website designing and sms.

    Now this year when am going to file my ITR ,what i see my TDS deduction is 51000 k.
    and MY 2015-2016 Turnover is more then 18lac .
    Now please help me what to do i have tds certificate with me ,i have some service tax deduction too.
    I have not taken any service charge from my clients.

    Please advice in detail.otherwise am in trouble how to fi.le ITR
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Even if you have not charged any service tax from your clients, you are liable to pay the same.
    You should obtain proper consultation from some CA or other tax professional in your locality.


    Service tax registration is necessary in case turnover exceeds Rs 10 Lac in FY. if any year turnover exceeds 9 lac then need to apply for service tax registration with in 30 days.

    In your case turnover already crossed 10 lac limit and you have not applied for registration and also not charged service tax amount from customer.

    In this case assessing office will assume turnover more then 10 lac i.e 8 lac in inclusive of service tax. you have to pay service tax. Assume service tax rate is 12 % then liability would be 8 lac/ 112*12= 85 Thousand + interest + penalty you need to pay.
  4. amrita.macd

    amrita.macd New Member

    Thanks For Your Reply.

    Please tell me my categories of services.
  5. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Although the answer provided to you was correct, but I believe that there are many other factors which would require consideration , more so , at that level of operation.
    Further, yours is a case of a professional and proper books of accounts are mandatorily required to be kept as per S.44AA.
    What about depreciation? Have you considered it?
    What other expenses have you considered?
    There are many things which requires consideration. I still recommend that you obtain proper consultation from some CA in your locality.
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