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  1. If the Karta of a HUF is dead, Can his wife be the Karta of HUF...?
    If Yes.... 1- What would be Her Status.... Manager Or Karta....?
    2- Should We have to Change the PAN Card....?
    3- What Changes Shall be Required....???
    (a) New PAN Card under same PAN with same HUF name. [May not be required]
    (b) New PAN Card under same PAN with same HUF name. [With New information provided regarding the signing authority]
    (c) New PAN Card under same PAN and the name of HUF changed / replaced with the wife's name
    (d) New PAN Card with New PAN and New HUF Name.

    4- How can the Son of that demised Karta form a new HUF with his name.?

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    Yes, on event of death of Karta of HUF, his wife can be a "Karta",

    No need to Change PAN Card, however, you can update PAN Details by Form 49A,

    Also do inform Bank / Financial Institution Authority, regarding change in Composition of HUF,

    Answer is, "Not possible" for Question raised in 3 (c) & (d)

    If son is having a male issue, he can anyway form his own HUF. If not then if he gets share from his father's HUF & with that Capital he can form his own HUF
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