I failed 4 times continuously in ipcc whether it is worth?

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  1. Anand sankaran

    Anand sankaran New Member

    hi everyone i am anand i am still ipcc student for the last 3 years . in my school days i scored a 90% in my higher secondary .my relatives and friends got placed in good position .Everything will be good when we are in good position as the statement prove right now.no friends, no relatives no relationship,no articles,no college ,because I am cpt route right now live stupid life right now In last attempt i secured 188in group 1 .due to some reason i wrote i first group everytime i am trying harder & harder & harder though i fail... i don't know what to do right now.. now i am actually nothing but a waste
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Dear Anand,
    How can you estimate your value?
    Value is of knowledge embedded in a person. You yourself will not be able to value it, you will have to put your knowledge into practice and then see what you are perceived as.
    Exam can in no manner estimate your value. I met people who failed 10 YEARS in CA Final alone and they are successful CA now, they had more knowledge than an average CA and were offered several high ranking position at a price more than what was offered to CA. One of my senior discontinued CA for 10 Years and then one day he decides to continue and he cleared it in a single attempt.

    ICAI's pattern is also incorrect, nowadays crammers are the one who pass and their level in practical thing is poor. After passing its only practice, no theory.

    Whether CA course is worth you or not, that I can not say. At this stage you might be thinking of some other course. Neither I , nor anyone else is at the level to comment on that. When anyone gives you an advice, they give it to you on basis of their own wisdom & experiences of life ,and everyone's experience of life is different.

    Try putting your knowledge into practice and see what response you get, if you get good response then maybe it might be worth continuing.

    If you will take tension, then pal you will seriously screw the thing up.

    You do not need to carry all the burden on your own shoulder, leave some to God. If you say its your burden then it is your burden, if you say its gods burden, then it will be his.

    In Bible the phrase do not fear has been used 365 times, there gotta be some reason that it has been used so many times.

    In Guru Granth Sahib Ji, it comes
    Chinta - Taki keejiye jo anhoni hoei,
    Eh marg sansar ka, Nanak thir nahin koei

    Krishan Ji said Karm karo Phal ki eecha na karo
    (Indeed Very apt to a CA student)

    I see religious places, there is so much crowd at temples, mosques, gurudrawas, dargas , churches and other holy places. There's gotta be some reason for so much crowd since so many centuries, all over the world. Have faith on the almighty, AND

    [If any word or phrase used by me was wrong or hurt someone, then please forgive me, it was out of my ignorance, not by my intention.]
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  3. Anand sankaran

    Anand sankaran New Member

    Thank u sir
    I am actually helpless right now that was i spoke like that
    but your message is gave some hope sir
    i am extremely sorry sir
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