ICSI Call Centre - Helpline for CS Students & Members

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  1. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    ICSI has launched a call centre for CS Students and Members

    The Helpline Number is 011-33132333

    The CS Helpline Number would be operational from morning 7 AM till 11 PM in the night.

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  2. CA.Shailesh

    CA.Shailesh New Member

    Very VERY Helpful..
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  3. Shagun Soni

    Shagun Soni New Member

    Choose the correct answer

    Which of the following provisions do not come under the ‘Welfare Chapter’ in the

    Factories Act, 1948?

    (a) Washing facilities

    (b) Drinking water

    (c) Facilities for sitting

    (d) First-aid appliances

    Correct answer: (a)

    Is it Correct as per study Material Page no.28 EP-IL&GL


    Shagun Soni
  4. Angali

    Angali New Member

    Very helpful service The Institute of Company Secretaries of India , ICSI Call Centre
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