If I don't clear IPCC, am I allowed to continue Articleship under Direct Entry

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  1. Raghav Venkat

    Raghav Venkat New Member

    If am registering myself in direct entry I ll be giving my IPCC exam after 9months of articleship, in that case if I didn't clear my IPCC. Am I eligible to continue my remaining 2years 3months articleship or without clearing I can not proceed. If yes before when I want to clear my IPCC. Is it anything that if I clear IPCC after 2years again I want to do 2.3years of articleship to be eligible for CA Final..?
  2. Raj Gupta1

    Raj Gupta1 Member

    You can continue with your articleship even if you do not clear your IPCC. If you clear your IPCC after 2 years then you have to continue for the remianing peroid only.
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