Imp topics for Articleship Interview in CA Firm

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  1. sandeep rawat

    sandeep rawat Member

    Plz tel me how To prepare for articleship interview of any of big 30 CA Firm (except big4)?
  2. sandeep rawat

    sandeep rawat Member

    If I wants to join audit section?
  3. gaurav_kumar

    gaurav_kumar Well-Known Member

    Interviewers of Top 30 organisation when interviewing a candidate for Auditing profile usually ask questions relating to Accounting and Auditing Standards.

    Accounting and Auditing Standards are very important when appearing for an Interview for Audit profile.
  4. hari9

    hari9 New Member

    fluency of english and well inter personal communication skills were necessery i think i know because i have faced this difficulties
  5. sandeep rawat

    sandeep rawat Member

    Do I need to revise income tax or companies act if I m going for an audit?
    Is it easy to get if I go by some good reference?
  6. sandeep rawat

    sandeep rawat Member

    And please plz tel me what questions they generally asks?
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