In case of TDS deduction and Payment Y does not the TIN/NSDL Website provide FREE SOFTWARE?

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  1. TVS

    TVS New Member

    If our Society is liable to deduct TDS from the Contractor:-
    01. Does the TIN/NSDL provide the Free Software for this? Why the hell are we supposed to spend on the Software from authorised Software Providers like Tally or Sensys Technologies,etc.?
    02. For the purpose of liability what is the Limit and is it dependent on the actual Payments made in a Financial Year or the Total Contract Value?
  2. Shoban Singh

    Shoban Singh New Member

    01. Use this URL to filing TDS online Return you can prepare and upload your return by TIN/NSDL its free of cost

    02. TDS on labour contract, AMC, Work Contract, Man power consultancy single Cut off Amount INR 30000/- Aggregate payment in F.Y. cut off amount INR 100000/- as TDS Rate for Individual / HUF @ 1% , For others @ 2%
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  3. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Kindly note that the limit of 1,00,000 is applicable w.e.f 1.6.16, prioir to that it was 75,000
    Therefore if in the month of April or May, the limit of 75,000 was exceeded then there was TDS liability.
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