Income disclosed under wrong head in ITR

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  1. Sub: Regarding I Tax
    Dear Sir,
    I have two questions :-
    My son earned a sum of Rs.20000/ from his small business in the financial yr 13-14 and Rs.761/- was deducted from a bill and earned Rs.120000/- through salary. Inadvertently the return has been submitted through ITR-I instead ITR-V indicating the income Rs. 20000/- as income from other source. This is the first time submission of return for AY.14-15. Pl. advise whether the return should be withdrawn by re-submitting the same. He no longer continues the business at present.
    I am working in the Audit deptt. and due to retire on Oct'-15. How can I work as Tax consultant after retirement.
    Thanking You
    Yours faithfully,
    Subhas Swarnakar​
  2. Vineet Goyal

    Vineet Goyal New Member

    Your son needs to file revised Income Tax return.
  3. Thank you Mr.Goya
  4. Anand Jain

    Anand Jain Member

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