Income from Overseas Forex Trading

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  1. I am (International Market) Overseas Forex Trading Signal's Provider and earning income(Please note that I am not investing any amount from India to abroad for Forex Trading) from Forex companies in the form of commissions and clients in the formof Monthly Fee. I send all earnings to my NETELLER, SKRILL and PAYPAL Accounts and I am withdrawing money to my bank accounts in India through NETELLER, SKRILL and PAYPAL.

    I understand that I am also not required to mention particulars about my income source details related to Forex Signal's Business, if I pay income tax regularly. Am I right sir.

    Is my Income Legal in this case?

    And can I Apply for Income Tax returns by using same ITR4(as income receiving from online business)


    Yes you have to file ITR-4 a this will be treated as business and profession income
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