Income from sale of ancestral property

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  1. V K Khanna

    V K Khanna Active Member

    Thanks Mr Mehra
  2. Jagannathan R

    Jagannathan R New Member

    Mr.Mehra and Mr.Khanna,
    Thank you very much for your clarifications of my doubt and I am more clear now.Hopping to get your suggestions in future. Thanks again.
  3. Asheesh Srivastava

    Asheesh Srivastava New Member

    How to get the fair market value as on 1.4.1981? My father inherited the property from ancesstors and now he wants to sell it. Please help
  4. V K Khanna

    V K Khanna Active Member

    You can get the property revalued as on 1.4.1981 through a Govt approved valuer.
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