Income Tax : Asessment Year 2011-12: Revised Return Filed:Refund of Rs.10561

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  1. R.Ranjith Kumar

    R.Ranjith Kumar New Member

    Dear Sir,
    I filed a return for FY 2010-11. My consultant filed the return erroneously and shown no refund. Again on scrutiny he found that I am eligible for refund of Rs.10561/- (ie.,TDS Rs98165-Tax Rs87601=Rs10561). So once again he filed the revised return on 14/09/2011 for refund. The department has not refunded the amount paid in excess. The web site indicates "the return received after due date.
    All these days I was awaiting refund.It is likely that I may not get the same unless I remind the
    department. Hence please suggest me a way for seeking refund without further delay as the amount involved is a big amount for a retiree like me.
    I seek your guidance.
    With Thanks and Regards
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Before I can give any advice I would need to study the ITRs filed.

    Send the ITR forms [not just the acknowledgement] to my mail address for analysis.

    Send both the original aswell as revised return. You can download the return by logging into your account at incometaxindiaefiling website.
    Kindly also provide the password to open those files.

    Further send a snapshot of the message which is being displayed at the site.

    Email [email protected]
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