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    a. The case is relating to the asst year 2014-15 say –Year Ended- 31.3.2014

    b. In this, while submitting TDS Quarterly returns for financial year 2013-14, we had not included the details of payments to the transporters who have valid Pan Numbers and they have been engaged in the business of transport only.

    Since not liable for TDS by the deductor- Individual, these payments have not been reflected in TDS returns.

    Similarly, rent payments to the office. There are four payees each drawing Rs 15000/- PM as rent and one year rent to each Rs 1,80,000 PA. All transport payments have been exceeded the limit of Rs 75,000 PA

    c. Now the case has been taken up for scrutiny by the It dept and as such, whether it is necessary to file revised TDS returns for all the four quarters with the inclusion of transporters payments and rent payments even though not liable for TDS

    d. as such, it is necessary to revise tax audit report since revised TDS but no impact on taxable income or tax liability

    Kindly give your opinion Sir
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