Income tax on agricultural land which now comes under municipality on saleity

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  1. santosh anjani

    santosh anjani New Member

    Dear Sir,

    Please find my below cases and help me out -

    • My father purchased 3 acre of agricultural land in 2001 and paid complete amount of PF through cheque on same time against 3 acres of land.
    • 2 acres of land got registered immediately in 2001 and 1 acre was left due to negligence.
    • Now this 1 acre of land came under municipality with defined circle rate.
    • Now we are requesting the seller to register the left over land against the last payment of 2001.
    • Seller is charging the income tax amount from us against its land registry. Is this tax charges justifiable?
    • If no then under which section?
    • If yes then how we can get it waived off.
    Please provide me the solution for same.

    Best regards,

    Santosh Anjani
    New Delhi
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