Income Tax on Seafearer working on Cruise Ship

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  1. Devendra Salunkhe

    Devendra Salunkhe New Member

    I am a seafearer working on cruise ship. I have NRI status since last 10 yrs. Recently i received scrutiny letter from income tax department mentioning that i asked for tax exemption under wrong section (Sec 90/91)and now they are telling me even though i am NRE i have to pay tax on my salary which i send in NRE account. I stay out of India for 284 days in that year
  2. sai tejesh(

    sai tejesh( Active Member

    If your salary gets credited in outside india and is not in the nature earned by providing services in india,then it shall not be taxable in the hands of NRI.
    If soo, submit all relevant documents (i.e salary certificate issued by your employer,Your foreign bank statement etc) to your jurisdictional Income Tax Officer.
  3. Devendra Salunkhe

    Devendra Salunkhe New Member

    Thank you sir
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