INCOME TAX RETURNs for more than 3 years old

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    RAJAGOPAL CH S New Member

    I was asked to file TAX RETURNs from AY 2009-10 to AY2014-15 by paying taxes due if any.
    Since for old returns, e-filing is not applicable, how can I submit Returns since during those
    years some Incomes were below taxable limit and some above taxable limit wrongly omitted. Whether Manual Returns can be prepared and posted along with Tax Challan copies? Have
    I to submit Returns for below-taxable incomes also in some years;
    Please advise as how to go about? I am a Senior Citizen, non-pensioner but with Interest income.
    -RAJAGOPAL- [email protected]
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Did you received a notice from income tax department to file the return? If then under which section and can you share the copy of notice?
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