Income Tax Savings Schemes.

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  1. Saai Sekar

    Saai Sekar New Member

    Dear Sir,
    My son is employed in a MNC and his annual income 15 lacs gross Kindly suggest (a.y.2017 -2018)
    1. Various savings scheme available, to avoid /reduce tax.
    2. Also please inform how to spplit and invest in tax savings scheme.

    Many thanks in advacnce.
  2. Satyendra Manohar

    Satyendra Manohar New Member

    I'm a central government employees eligible for medical reimbursement. I have incurred an amount of Rs. 51,000/- during my treatment at TMH, Mumbai during FY 2015-16. Due to lack of budget I didn't get anything during FY. 2015-16. So I claim Rs. 40,000/- u/s 80DDB. Now my question is 1. Is I'm eligible for reimbursement of Rs.51,000/- or 11,000/- 2. If I get entire amount i.e Rs. 51,000/- what should be tax for this year. 3. If I'm not eligible for reimbursement can I file revise ROI after paying self tax
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