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  1. Madhav Mulay

    Madhav Mulay New Member

    I am ex employee of Government of Maharashtra. I retired from my service on 31 st March 2009. Arrears of my salary & Other benefits were received after my retirement.

    Amount of income tax due on arrears of salary was deducted by my employer and Form 16 was issued to me. Considering the Form 16 I filed my income tax returns by on-line mode.

    The employer did not uploaded details of tax recovered from me in time. Now the tax deducted from me is seen in form 26 AS but the status of my income is seen as 'P' (provisional).

    Later on I saw a demand notice on website of income tax department asking me to pay Approximately Rs. 262000/- I have replied to income tax about the fault of employer and about my fulfilling my tax obligation. Income tax department later on carried out assessment of my Return of AY 12-13 in which year I was expecting refund of approximately Rs. 200000/- the income tax department deducted the entire amount as shown in demand notice from the amount of refund and still shown demand of Rs.79000/- ( tax plus interest) due from me.

    I am having copies of Form 16 which shows that the amount of income tax was deducted at source in time and paid to account of income tax by the Treasury officer of state Government who issues the payment to state Government employees.

    In fact it is failure of state Government machinery in uploading information on which I do not have any control. I requested my employer to look in to the issue on several occasions but no reply came from my employer.

    Under the circumstances what option do I have .

    Please guide me.
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