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  1. jeyakandhan

    jeyakandhan New Member

    Dear sir,

    I am doing western union money service and received commission every month , and commission payer already deducted 10% tds on commission , can get refund that tds ?

    Which form i need to submit ? also clear me the digital signature and certificate should be attached ?
    kindly clear me how to e-return ?

  2. CA vikash

    CA vikash New Member

    Yes,u can get refund of tds. For that, u have to file your income tax return claiming refund.since you are a service person,you can e- file itr 2,no need of digital signature
  3. jeyakandhan

    jeyakandhan New Member

    thanks for your reply , but my known people said "commission is business based income it should be file ITR-4 . kindly advise the same .

  4. CA vikash

    CA vikash New Member

    yes, you can file ITR -4 since commission income is your major component of ur source of income and shall be treated as business income
  5. jeyakandhan

    jeyakandhan New Member

    Thanks sir,

    Also its come to know me "the deducted TDS deposit under section-194 H , so i can surely submit ITR-4 ?
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