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  1. Jagatheesan

    Jagatheesan New Member

    I am a retired person and paying IT regularly and filing Tax returns. I am having two houses one in my native place and theone in chennai where my son and I are living. The house at native place also is occupied by me and my brothers. I have included my house in chennai in returns and shown as self occupied property. The other house is not shown in returns since no income is arrived. Now I want to show as I am receiving a small amount of rent from my brother for lthe past eight months. The amount received was rs.4000/ during the last year ended Feb.2016. Shall I file a revised return since I have submitted the return for the AY 2016-17 and paid the tax also. What will be the penal interest for delayed payment of tax?
  2. sai tejesh(

    sai tejesh( Active Member

    Yeah..You can revise your original return.
    But you have to take 12M rent instead of 8M rent,which you have received from your brother
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