Industrial training - Filling of Form 104

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  1. Manisha Bhattad

    Manisha Bhattad New Member

    Hello all !
    I have a few queries on filling form 104 for Industrail Training.
    1) What is the special adhesive stamp of requisite value to be affixed on Form 104 and what should be the denomination of such stamp?
    2) The form requires the name of my Principal. Should I mention the name of the the CA under whom I would be registered as an Industrial Trainee and has been a member of the ICAI for three years here?
    3)The form also requires the "Name of the representative of the organisation as signatory of the agreement". Who is such representative from the organisation? Is it someone like the HR?.
    4) The Form requires the signature and seal of the "Member", "Employer" and "Trainee". Who is authorised to sign as the "Member" and "Employer"?
  2. Manoj Mehra

    Manoj Mehra Active Member

    1. You can use Stamp Paper of any value. Rs. 10 Stamp Paper would also work
    2. Yes, the CA would be considered as your Principal
    3. Either the CA or the HR can be the representative
    4. The CA is the Member and the Company is the Employer
  3. Niharikarai

    Niharikarai New Member

    I have a query.

    On page 3, clause 5 written as "in witness whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. Then a box is there for signature. Who will sign it and in the presence of whom?

    Is that require two witnesses?
  4. Niharikarai

    Niharikarai New Member

    The stamp paper need to be notarized or not?
    what will be the content of stamp paper and is it to be signed by someone?
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