Interest on non deduction of tds

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  1. Pam

    Pam New Member

    If i have passed entry on 28.02.2013 but tds was not deducted at that time. & now on 20.11.14 i have deducted & deposited that TDS then how should i calculate Interest @1% or 1.5% & what period should be consider for Interest

    Also when i filed revised return of q4 fy 201314, by adding this entry it will show short interest paid ?? (Actual rate @1.5% , Period of Interest from date of trans is feb 13 to deposited date is nov14)
  2. Pratik Anand

    Pratik Anand New Member

    Rate of Interest will be 1.5%.
    Period will be from from Feb to Nov (both months included) i.e 10 months.
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