INTIMATION 143(1)(a)

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  1. Clients

    Clients New Member

    So finally you have decided to ignore that intimation..?
  2. Amoghban

    Amoghban New Member

    Guys i am also in the same boat.

    As per discussion with my CA. this will happen when you try to claim a deducation which is not in your form 16.

    so for this either you can agree wth dept or disagree. in case you disagree then send proer prrof using your incometaxefiling portal.

    under "e-Assessment/Proceeding" under the “e-proceeding" section.

    For more details refer
  3. SNDP2593

    SNDP2593 New Member

    yes........caz i have no solution...if i ll revised my return , i ll show again my home loan interest which make my gross salary difference from form 16. i show my medical insurance policy but IT dpt has not seen this. They are telling dat our deduction limit is only 150000. but according to rules, 150000 is limit of 80C not for total deduction. If IT dpt. saying dat our limit is only 150000 then IT dpt. should remove all sections as 80EE, 80CCD1, 80CCD2, 80GG , 80DD , 80DDB and many others....
  4. gaurav_kumar

    gaurav_kumar Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised to see such a notice.

    However, I dont think there is anything wrong in this notice.

    Everyone has documents for these expenses and they submit it to their employer.

    Moreover, there is no deduction allowed for any expense without invoice. Everybody has all the invoices.

    I think the govt is right in sending this notice.
  5. sarbjit

    sarbjit New Member

    today i have also got same notice which shows the difference of 185000 in income from salary. i have included my income from other sources also in ITR which they have included as such in their calculations. but they have not deducted any deduction under 80c, 80ccd1, 80ccd2 80d etc which is 265000 according to me. due to increase in salary income and making the deductions 0, they have proposed to increase my taxable salary by 450000 approx. i don't understand from where they have got that 185000 figure? why deductions under various sections is taken as 0?
    are they taking into account the amount which i have received from matured NSC's ? if this is the case then what reply should i give them as i had already added the interest received in my income every year.

    one more doubt i have is that one of the employer have shown that they have paid around 193000 to me and deducted 1000 as TDS, although he realized his mistake and then corrected the entries and those entries are visible in my 26AS form as positive and negative entries. is there any chance that deptt is considering that amount as part of my income which was added to my account by that DDO by mistake ?
  6. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    The Income Tax Dept has not denied you the benefit of these deductions. They are only asking you for proofs for claiming these deductions.

    You can send your response for the same online and it will get processed. No need to worry.

    Kindly refer:
  7. Amit Poddar

    Amit Poddar New Member

    I had a communication with the CPC customer care, and they told that the intimation was send to everyone by mistake. The CPC team is working on it and they would update once they have any update.
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  8. Yatin Gandhi

    Yatin Gandhi Active Member

    I wish it is true or else it will create a lot of trouble for a lot of people.
  9. SNDP2593

    SNDP2593 New Member

    But i think
    Bt i thnk it can't b true caz i also tlkd wid CPC, they rply same as written in mail...Give Response in 30 days otherwise they ll make adjustment
  10. RJ381810

    RJ381810 New Member

    I am salaried person. I have shown home loan interest against Self occupied and deducted that amount from Income under head salaries. But in 143 (1) intimation letter same amount is considered as Addition of income. One of my friend also got same notice. As a salaried person we do show these proofs to employer and it is reflected in form 16. but ITD has not considered it. Please can you suggest how to proceed further ?
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