INTIMATION 143(1)(a)

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  1. King123

    King123 New Member

    Do we need to reply or hold for sometime until receive further notice ?
  2. Jaykumar_Acharya

    Jaykumar_Acharya New Member

    If we have proofs of the deductions that we have declared in RETURN (which we must have) and which are not mentioned in FORM 16, we should simply reply online to their notice. We can even attach receipt when we reply by "E-Proceedings". However, figures they have asked in response are confusing. Does anybody know what exactly does following mean and from where can I find this in my RETURN or FORM 16?

    "HEAD OF INCOME/SCHEDULE UNDER WHICH REPORTED IN THE RETURN" (Please note that it only accepts numeric values)
  3. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    Head of Income is the Head under which the Income was taxable.
    And there are different schedules for reporting each type of income. So they are asking for the schedule corresponding to this.

    I personally feel that the law should not use such complicated terms when sending notices to the common man.
  4. Sneha Srinivas

    Sneha Srinivas New Member

    I have also received the same notice. /but when i login to Incometax efiling website and move to option 'e-proceedings' i am unable to even submit the responce. It says no records found. Can anyone please help e on this.
  5. Clients

    Clients New Member

    I also have the same query,if u reach the correct solution please consider it to me.In mine case it has been more than 2days and in notice run out time is 24 hours after the receipt of that notice.
  6. Minalg

    Minalg New Member

    Same case with me. I got notice on 25/07. But no records seen in eproceedings section. How to make corrections then?
  7. SNDP2593

    SNDP2593 New Member

    If u
    If u have provided home loan details already to your employer then they already mention loan int
    Dont worry Sneha , it takes 3-4 days. After 3-4 days of intimation when u ll login in ITR efiling website and click on E -assessmemt / proceding option , u can submit ur response there and upload receipt also.
  8. SNDP2593

    SNDP2593 New Member

    Completely agree wid u sir. On one side , Govt is trying to make india digital and making everythng easier for a common man and other side , u have made so complicated form for Response of a intimation.
  9. Asish

    Asish Member

    Check that screenshot. This might be the reason that this year so many people getting notice. But it might be sent by mistake as exempt income, SB a/c interest etc cannot be given in employer form 16 as it closes data entry window in February itself.
    I feel there might be another intimation correcting the same.

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  10. Asish

    Asish Member

    Sir, Bank not providing SB A/C interest certificate. I calculated them myself and added them in income from other sources then claimed as s dediction in 80 TTA. Showed ppf interest in exempt income. They have sent notice for that. How to give reply in e-proceeding? Exempt income was supposed to be given only for reporting purpose.
    In reply screen they are asking for TAN also. Whose TAN do I give? None of the banks deduct tax on SB A/c.
    Please guide.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
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