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  1. Hariprasad1623

    Hariprasad1623 New Member

    I have registered IPCC on 27th july 2016 I have 9 months gap for may 2017 IPCC exams
    To complete itt training and orientation course it take 2 months then i have 7 months left. The rule is 9 months of article training is eligible to write IPCC exam i have only 7 months how can I complete 9 months training give me guidance
  2. Shalin

    Shalin New Member

    You should write the november 17 exams
  3. Hariprasad1623

    Hariprasad1623 New Member

    I got to know that if I register for articleship before 30th September iam eligible to write may 2017 IPCC exam
  4. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    You would not be eligible to appear for IPCC Exams before Nov 17 as you would not have completed 9 months of articleship before May 17
  5. Hariprasad1623

    Hariprasad1623 New Member

    Students registered for the articled training till 30th September, 2012 are required to complete Orientation Course and Information Technology Training (ITT) latest by 31st March, 2013 instead of before registration for practical training.
    Such students shall be eligible to appear in the Intermediate (IPC) Examination to be held in May, 2013 by completing 7 months of articled training and study course concurrently, instead of 9 months of articled training and 8 months of study course respectively. This is what I got
  6. Hariprasad1623

    Hariprasad1623 New Member

    Plz explain the above paragraph
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