IPCC direct entry

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  1. Bhavana Upadhyay

    Bhavana Upadhyay New Member

    Sir,I want to go 4 C.A nd I'm 32 yrs rt now .....I've secured l
    ess than 50% in Graduation...but 59% in Post Graduation M.com ECONOMICS....sir can fight 4 CA.....My family is very keen to see me as a CA...

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    @Bhavana Upadhyay Ma'am,..

    1) Since you get 59% in Mastery so you are eligible for CA IPCC Direct entry Scheme,.. (where 55% is a must level)

    2) Don't see keen of Family,...

    Real Speaking, CA Course need...

    ...Strong Determination
    ...Hard work
    ...full attention
    ...proper presentation

    If you have all above Quality, than at any Age,.. You can fight... C.A. course... and become a C.A. !!!

    All the Best !!! :)

    You can Refer :-

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