Neha Sharma

IPCC Tax Amendments May 2014 2014-02-20

Changes introduced by Budget 2013

  1. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

  2. Puneet Malhotra

    Puneet Malhotra New Member

    excluding these above amendments, is there any more other amendments in tax are applicable for May 2014 exam ??
    Is there any amendment in Service tax & VAT for May 2014 exam ??
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  3. Nilesh Vaidya

    Nilesh Vaidya New Member

  4. ritika ghosh

    ritika ghosh New Member

    I am downloading the new amendments but after thats it showing file cannot open
  5. Puneet Malhotra

    Puneet Malhotra New Member

    hii twinkle..... nd thanks for the like.....

    but i didnt get my answer yet...
  6. Rahul

    Rahul Active Member

    yes there are a few more will be uploading them soon
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