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  1. Harish Ragav

    Harish Ragav New Member

    Sometimes we the students of CA - IPCC require instant help and support.. For that lets make a whatsapp group,it is very helpful as we get a lot of help from each other.. If you want to join the group..PM me (message me) your phone no. NO SPAM..NO DISRESPECT.. Any problem with any group member can be reported too .
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  2. Aakash chowdhury

    Aakash chowdhury New Member

    dude its better to switch off ur mobile n b away from wats app. this will help u to clear ur exam n nice way to ask ppl phone number.
  3. Harish Ragav

    Harish Ragav New Member

    Hey akash thanks for your advice....but i think you are not that much important person so that i eager to get your numbr.....
    here i'm trying to help and being helped by others......if you want to join, u r most welcome otherwise,,, pls be wise....

    and guys 9884961406 this is my mob num u guys can snd text through whatspp....

    Thank you..
    Harish Ragav.
  4. Harish Ragav

    Harish Ragav New Member

    Hii guys...

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  5. Divyesh

    Divyesh New Member

    Hii harry
  6. Aakash chowdhury

    Aakash chowdhury New Member

    i fill pity for u harsh....and keep ur comments with u because i am in a higher position than u in this profession. look at dis chap poor boy grow up
  7. Harish Ragav

    Harish Ragav New Member

    Hi Akash ...being in a higher position, in watever profession a big deal...but you should make ur comments in a good manner...And You are not my boss so that i have to keep my comments with myself...Here I'm not force anybody to give their mobile numbers...
    And you dont have to feel pity bout me ....And I pity your English teacher...
    And sorry If i said anything bad..
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2014
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  8. Aakash chowdhury

    Aakash chowdhury New Member

    Wat makes u feel pity for my english teacher? Do u think ur english is too gud.
    If it makes u feel happy then b happy with it.
  9. Neeraj

    Neeraj New Member

    9610818208 my number add me on whtsup grp
  10. Zakir

    Zakir New Member

    Helo help me out ma number 8144411136
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