Is 80D deduction of Rs. 15000 incl/excl of Health Check-up of Rs. 5000

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  1. sreeramulu

    sreeramulu New Member

    Sir, I has been spent Rs2264 for my wife's health check up. Doctor suggested vitamin d check up also along with that. I spent Rs3084. Total Rs 5348. I have Reliance mediclaim policy which premium paid is Rs14927. Can I claim tax exemption under 80D Rs 14927 and Rs5348. Or total Rs15000. I need clarification for section 80D, weather exemption amount Rs 15000 & 5000 or total 15000 including health check up.
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    The deduction of Rs. 5000 for Health Check-up is not in addition to the Rs. 15000 deduction.

    So the max deduction that would be allowed to you in this case is Rs. 15000 only.
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