Is Indian CA recognised for pursuing CPA?

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  1. Archana Ramesh

    Archana Ramesh New Member

    I have completed my BCom graduation course and Chartered Accountancy in India and recently shifted to US. I wish to pursue CPA now. Can someone advise if India CA is recognized and makes me eligible to sit for CPA exam? I got a news that from 2012 onwards, US has stopped recognizing CA and Bcom graduation done from India. Do I need to pursue some masters degree in US to sit for CPA exam? Please help.

  2. gaurav_kumar

    gaurav_kumar Well-Known Member

    New Hampshire used to recognise Indian CA's but have now stopped doing so since 2012.

    I think the state of Virginia may still consider B.Com + CA as equivalent US Bachelor's degree. Better to check with them.

    And in case you can pursue Masters in the US, that would be the best thing as after doing masters, you can appear for the CPA Exam from most of the states.
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