Is it beneficial to do LLB with CA ?

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  1. Aditi Gulati

    Aditi Gulati Active Member

    M. Com, LLB, MBA, CFA - All these are very good courses

    It depends on your interest and which field you are interested in.

    Depending on whether you are interested in Tax or Finance or Teaching or any other profession - you should decide the course you intent to opt for.

    In case you are unable to decide - do some introspection and join another course only when you have decided. Dont rush on to take Degrees.

    Focus more on Articleship and less on Degrees
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  2. Rudra

    Rudra Active Member

    Well said.. @Aditi Gulati ..

    And Shubhra, Whatever it is whether M.Com or LLB i would suggest you to do in Delhi University.. For both the courses it is the top University.

    You can crack the Entrance and get a seat in Faculty of Law or any Top DU colleges..
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