Is it beneficial to learn SAP along with Articleship?

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  1. sandeep rawat

    sandeep rawat Member

    I m doing my articleship in delhi in a good firm, our many clients have SAP.
    Plz tel me that will it be benificial for me to learn SAP from some local institute during articleship?
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    SAP is a very expensive course and I would advise you to opt for such courses only once you are 100% sure that you intent to opt for this field.

    Usually, people opt for such courses after qualifying CA.
  3. sandeep rawat

    sandeep rawat Member

    Sir at this stage i m not saying for SAP certification. I m asking for doing it from some local institute which is less expensive. So after doing 1 year of articleship experiance (and then dummy)
    , will i be in a possition to get a job.
    Will it be a good option sir as there are only more audits work in a firm where i am doing articleship. So will it be benificial do same audit work for 3 years??????
  4. Kritesh Anand

    Kritesh Anand New Member

    Yes, Its always a beneficial to learn sap. SAP module will helps you to work in SAP FICO, SAP MM, SAP PP. With the help of SAP Article ship you will learn to work online in SAP Projects.
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