Is it possible to claim income tax refund for TDS on property

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  1. yogesh valhe

    yogesh valhe New Member

    I have purchased a property which cost more than 50L so the builder has taken TDS from me on that property cost. I am salaried and income tax is deducted by my employer.
    Can I claim the income tax refund as the combined amount of (TDS on property+income tax deducted by employer) will be more. In other words, can one claim the refund on property TDS ?
  2. Manoj Mehra

    Manoj Mehra Active Member

    If the TDS would not have been deducted - you would have paid this amount to the builder.

    You have deducted TDS and deposited the TDS to the govt on his behalf.

    Therefore, the builder can claim this TDS from the Govt - but you cannot claim this TDS.

    The person whose TDS has been deducted can claim the refund and not the person who has deducted the TDS
  3. rahulvicky1

    rahulvicky1 New Member


    I had sold a property in 2013 and had paid 1% TDS on property. As per my ITR (filed manually and not online) I was supposed to get the 1% TDS refunded.
    Now I haven't got the refund as yet hence I had been to the Income Tax Office for the same. The Income Tax Officer told me that he does not know how to process the TDS refund.
    I am not sure as to what I need to do now. My TDS Refund is stuck for on reason.

    Appreciate your help in guiding me further.

    Rahul Bajaj
  4. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

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