Is ITT certificate necessary for articleship & final registration?

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  1. Kulshresth Yadav

    Kulshresth Yadav New Member

    I have cleared both groups of ipcc and i want to register for articleship. However, for that i need to enclose attested copy of itt & op certificate but i haven't got my itt certificate yet but i have got my CERTIFICATE is it okay to provide only itt cetificate number ?
    Furthermore, is there any rule that if you don't register before 30th april your final attempt get delayed by 6 months?

    Plz reply asap..
  2. Sudipto123

    Sudipto123 New Member

    1. Yes, you can provide the ITT Certificate No.
    2. Yes, if you dont register before 30th April, then your attempt will get postponed by 6 months
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