Is Service Tax/VAT applicable on ready possesion flat

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  1. Amit Patil

    Amit Patil New Member

    Hello ,
    I have purchased ready possession flat from builder in Apr 2012. We have paid 20% downpayment and 80% amount home loan in one go. We moved to flat in may after 100% amount paid to builder.

    We paid stamp duty, registration, electricity, parking charges and 100% flat purchase amount. But sale dead not done yet.

    So, now we are asking for same. Builder is saying that we have to first pay service tax and VAT then he will sign on sale dead.

    As my flat is ready to move, serivce tax or VAT is applicable for me??
    AS per my knowledge service tax and VAT is for under contruction property.

    Please guide me and if possible send me any legal laws/ clause for same.

  2. sanjay_th5

    sanjay_th5 New Member

    services tax rate ready shop sales
  3. sanjay_th5

    sanjay_th5 New Member

    Services tax rate ready shop sales
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