ITR-1 - Assessment Year - 2016-17

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  1. KUTTS18

    KUTTS18 New Member

    In ITR-1 - Assessment Year - 2016-17 (e-file), in 'Tax Details' tab, there is an section
    Sch TDS2 - Details of Tax Deducted at Source from Income OTHER THAN Salary [As per Form 16 A issued by Deductor(s)

    My query is in the 6th column, Amount out of (5) claimed this year (6)
    What should we fill in?

    Scenario1: I have recieved 1lakh as FD interest. Bank has not deducted any tax since Form15H was submittted, In that case whats is the value to be filled in the 6th column?

    Scenario2: I have recieved 1lakh as FD interest from another bank. That bank has deducted tax of 1k. In column
    Tax Deducted (5), is 1k the value to be filled in? Also whats is the value to be filled in the 6th column?

  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    None , since there was no tax deduction to begin with.

    [Form 15H is to be submitted by senior citizen, if your age is 34 then how did you filled it? Is it on behalf of someone else?]

    Why that bank has deducted tax? Was it because your income exceeded the maximum amount of income not chargeable to tax (after deductions)?
    If then you should have informed this to your previous bank aswell, otherwise it can be said that the declaration which was submitted by you under form 15H became invalid , for which there are consequences.

    Column 5 represents Financial year in which Tax was deducted
    Column 6 represents the TDS amount which has been bought forward from the previous financial year(s)
    Column 7 represents TDS of the current financial Year.
    Column 8 represents the TDS amount which you want to claim this year.

    Ignore the column 6 and enter value of column 7 and 8.
    The value of column 7 and 8 would be same if the entire TDS relates to you and you want to claim the full tax credit in this year only.
  3. KUTTS18

    KUTTS18 New Member

    Thanks ZED.
    Scenario1 was for my mom, and scenario2 was for me.

    In ITR1 form, there are only 7 columns as below (you have mentioned about 8)
    1. Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) of the Deductor
    2. Name of the Deductor
    3. Unique TDS Certificate No.
    4. Deducted Year
    5. Tax Deducted
    6. Amount out of (5) claimed this year
    7. If covered by Portuguese Civil Code, Amount claimed in the hands of spouse

    So if i put the same amount of column 5, in column 6 would that be correct?
  4. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    I was telling for other than ITR-1, they have 10 columns
    (Click image to enlarge)

  5. KUTTS18

    KUTTS18 New Member

    For Scenrio1, My mom has FD with 2 banks, BankA & BankB. Since she has submitted Form15 H to both the banks, no tax were deducted on the interest earned.

    Now when we fill the online e-file form, in Sch TDS2 the form is auto populated with entries from BankA & BankB with zero(0) amount in column 5 (Tax Deducted). Since there is no tax deducted, can i remove those rows and then submit the form?
  6. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    As such there is no need to remove it. You may add additional column for that family pension one.
  7. KUTTS18

    KUTTS18 New Member

    Thanks ZED for all the support. Your replies were really helpful.

    If we remove the zero amount(Tax Deducted) column in Sch TDS2 and then submit the form...would that cause any issue?

    Is it mandatory that we should fill the table even if tax deducted is zero? Cause in the title it says "As per Form 16a issued by Deductor(s)" and i don't have any Form16a to start with. Hence this query.
  8. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    If tax has not been deducted then definitely you can ignore that.

    Before the submission, kindly send the snapshots of the ITR you are submitting. I would like to verify it.

    If its the draft [java utility only] then send it to my mail [[email protected]]

    Otherwise you can use print screen and paste the image here.

    There was your other query also, was that solved?
  9. KUTTS18

    KUTTS18 New Member

    Thanks ZED. I think i got all my queries clarified.
    ZED likes this.
  10. APS

    APS New Member

    Hi ZED ,

    I have similar scenario i am filing ITR 2 and while filing TDS I am facing issue

    I withdraw my EPF (Whole amount ) in May 2016 and in form 26AS trace I can see one line for this.
    Out of 7.4 Lakh EPF dept. deducted 74K and deposited money to my bank

    Now My Question :
    Please refer below 2 Snaps , As per My understanding in 7 and 8 both I should mention same amount as I am not carrying forward this amount to next year
    But in this case I it is showing refund of 74000 which is incorrect .
    Please suggest me what Should I do ?
    How to fill this TDS section ?
    Sceario A.png
    Sceario B.png

    Appreciate your help
    Which one is correct way to fill TDS?
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