ITR Form for TDS on Income deducted under Section 194J

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  1. prasad bhaste

    prasad bhaste New Member

    my tds deducted under 194 j (shirpur gold refinery ltd) . Rs: 13000 tds deduct. how to get refund ? and how to fill itr 4 please help me any idea.
  2. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    Mention your income details and TDS Details in ITR Form and the ITR Form will itself calculate the Refund to be paid to you.
  3. Amar Kumar Pacholi

    Amar Kumar Pacholi New Member

    I am working in private company from july 2016 .My gross salary not come under taxable income but tax deducted under section 194J, how to file itr ? which itr need to file. ?
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  4. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Sir, you mean July 2015?

    If tax was deducted u/s 194J then you must be receiving income from profession. For a professional, ITR-4 needs to be filed.
    You mentioned that you do not have any taxable income, but still, in order to claim the refund of TDS you will have to file the return.

    Please note that if Tax is deducted u/s 194J then they mustn't be treating you as an employee. It must have been a contract for service [You mustn't be on their payroll.]

    For other info you may contact me through my mail id
    [email protected]
  5. kaniamuthan

    kaniamuthan New Member

    what are the expenses are allowed if tds deduct u/s 194j for marine engineers?. if he is working in indian border?
  6. Hi, my wife is working as an consulting doctor in one company. They have issued her TDS certificate under section 194j. Her total income is under tax free limit. Now, my query is while filing her ITR4S where should I show her income under 44AD or under other source of income. Kindly suggest.
  7. ballabh rv singh

    ballabh rv singh New Member

    working as a freelancer and got payment from December 2016 to march 2017 after tds @10% u/s 194j. at the time filing of itr in AY 17-18 can i use ITR1 instead of ITR4 and be show this income from other sources?
    because itr4 is very much complicating. will it be cause any problem in future?
  8. Dippies

    Dippies New Member

    My sister is a home maker. She visits multiple institutes for teaching. She gets paid under section I194J from all the institutes. She earns about 300,000 per year. Under what head this income needs to be shown? Salary or Other Income or something else? Please advise.


    I have income under section 194J (from professional and technical services) close to Rs 3000 whereas my income from salary (under section 192)is above 5 lakh. As the income under section 194J is very less compared to income from salary ,Can I fill ITR 1 citing income under section 194J as income from other sources?. Please guide me people. Thank you.
  10. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    You can use ITR-4 . ITR-1 is not recommended.
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