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  1. dhir81

    dhir81 New Member

    Dear Sir,

    I have been hired by a company as consultant on a contract of two years at 1,10000 per month. They are giving me the salary after deducting 10% from my monthly salary. I am a engineering graduate. I have following points to clarify"
    1. Which form should i file at the time of filing ITR.
    2. When should i pay income tax to the department, would it be fine if i pay at the 1st week of march, or i have to pay it certain months? if yes what are the months that i have to pay IT?
    3. Do i have to pay service tax as well?
    4. What kind of deductions i am eligible for? for e.g local travel, insurance, medical insurance, rent,etc.
    5. What are the documents and bills i have to maintain? for e.g ledger, taxi bills, etc.

    Thank you in advance.
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