Joined CA Firm but did not submit Form 103

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  1. Prudhvi Reddy

    Prudhvi Reddy New Member

    My date of articles deed is feb 19 2016..can i write a date before the date of articles deed date in the commencement of articles with the emloyer in form 103.I joined this firm on dec 17 2015
  2. Manoj Mehra

    Manoj Mehra Active Member

    You'll have to inform ICAI about the reason for such a difference in the dates.

    If ICAI is convinced, they will approve your request and consider you from 17th Dec itself as an article. If they are not convinced - they will consider you as an article from Feb 19
  3. Prudhvi Reddy

    Prudhvi Reddy New Member

    How to do that ,can u plse assist me
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