Joining CA Course after 35

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  1. abaper

    abaper New Member

    Respected everyone
    I have a few questions as -
    q1) It is a known fact today that those who registers after graduation are exempted from CPT. They move straight into IPCC course and do their job simultaneously. However the big companies only take in / absorbs/ recruits on completion of the IPCC (both papers).
    Could you guide me through the way graduates should go about their IPCC?
    q2) Also as i am nearing 38 years of age --- would that create problem in the job scenario?
  2. Basheer khan

    Basheer khan New Member

    I think learning should never stop as ca's and cma's learn through out life time because whwn changes occur every one should change and learn change how it imples in cases
    I am doing my inter in cma a moved forword directly to inter without cpt because of exempt and u will learn same in inter what cpt should tought and advance topics
    According to me skiping cpt doesn't matter if u have chance to do it
    All the best
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  3. abaper

    abaper New Member

    Thank you Basheer ji
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