Journal Entry for Payment of Salary

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  1. Srabani Banerjee

    Srabani Banerjee New Member

    how to do journal entry of basic salary,hra,trav.allow,pf,esi, in tally without using payroll but with employees name
  2. Manoj Kumat

    Manoj Kumat New Member

    i think entry should be passed like this :
    Basic salary A/c Dr.
    Hra A/c Dr.
    Travel Allow. A/c Dr.
    Employee PF Cont. A/c Dr.
    Employer PF Cont. A/c Dr.
    Employee ESI Cont. A/c Dr.
    Employer ESI Cont. A/c Dr.
    Professional Tax A/c Dr.
    To Mr. A salary Payable A/c
    To Mr. B Salary Payable A/c
    To PF Payable A/c
    To ESI Payable A/c
    To Proff. Tax Payable A/c
    To TDS on Salaries payable A/c
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2014
  3. Boopathiraja P

    Boopathiraja P New Member

    simple you should be clear in 3 golden rule then it is easy to every one.
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