Karta in case of All Female HUF

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  1. Sir,
    Raj Kumar Gupta HUF was an HUF formed By
    Mr Raj Kumar Gupta(Husband) - Karta
    Smt Mamta Gupta (Wife)-Coparcener
    Ms. Nishu Gupta(Daughter-Major)-Coparcener
    Ms. Pinku Gupta (Daughter-Major)- Coparcener

    Mr Raj Kumar Gupta Has expired intestate.
    We in tend to nominate the younger Daughter, Ms.Pinku Gupta as its Karta and
    desire to continue the HUF as earlier with Three surviving Females.

    01. Is is Legal, Possible, Acceptable?
    02. Formalities to be carried out by us for the same.

    Please guide..
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    An all Female HUF is certainly possible.

    However, as far as I know the eldest member becomes the Karta of the HUF. Not sure if we can nominate the younger daughter as Karta.

    Would be great if someone more knowledgable could throw some light on this.
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