Language issues in opting for Articleship in other state

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  1. Ayaan Khan

    Ayaan Khan New Member

    I want suggestion.....

    Am from telangana state Hyderabad city & going to join article ship in chennai but problem is my frnds r saying that if I join articles in chennai I have to face language problem.

    Is it right ?
    In Communating to client's & vat rules is different from state to state.
    I want suggestion plzzz tel me were I have to join article ship in my state or another state.

    I wish to join a firm in which outstation audit's are available
  2. gaurav_kumar

    gaurav_kumar Well-Known Member

    A CA Article is required to interact with the Govt departments.... So there may be some language issues....
  3. Ayaan Khan

    Ayaan Khan New Member

    k sir, it mean in any state we have to face this problem?
  4. gaurav_kumar

    gaurav_kumar Well-Known Member

    In tax profile, language issues would usually be there as you would be required to interact with the tax department a lot.

    However, in audit profile - interaction with govt dept is less and therefore language issue would be fairly less.
  5. Ayaan Khan

    Ayaan Khan New Member

    thank you sir.....

    one more help, sir will u tel me best ca firm's in chennai or hyderabad with in and outstation works are because i wud like to go different states & countries for audits.

    Thanks & Regards......
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