Learn How to Invest in Stock Market

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  1. Sandeep raway

    Sandeep raway Member

    Plz anbody tell me the steps how to start investing in stock market?
  2. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    Dear Sandeep

    Create an account on moneycontrol.com or moneybhai.com and start trading with virtual money.

    It will teach u everything abt how to invest and learn trading.
  3. Sandeep raway

    Sandeep raway Member

    should I open an online broking a/c ?
  4. Sandeep raway

    Sandeep raway Member

    Can I open a broking a/c also in a bank?
  5. You need a Bank account, Trading account and a DEMAT account to invest in stock markets.

    You can also opt for Mutual Funds. Trading account and DEMAT account is not necessary for investing in shares though Mutual Funds.
  6. Sandeep raway

    Sandeep raway Member

    Sir can u just tel me the difference between opting for mutual fund and trading, broking a/c?
  7. Mutual Funds invest your money in shares for you. You need not to worry too much of ups and downs of the market. Mutual Funds are managed by qualified Fund Managers. Investment in Mutual Funds is for long-term, to accumulate wealth for specific purposes, like children's education, retirement corpus, marriage, etc.

    Trading means you buy and sell shares often to earn profit. You do it daily. This is short-term. You need expertise in trading, otherwise you may suffer huge loss. To trade in shares, you need DEMAT account, Trading account and a Bank account. You need to pay brokerage every time you buy and sell shares.

    The shares, you buy and sell are held in DEMAT form.
  8. Sandeep raway

    Sandeep raway Member

    Sir for learning purpose investing by a person himself(Not mutual fund) is good
  9. You can directly invest in shares and learn. But you need to put extra efforts and time to avoid loss. All the best!
  10. Sandeep raway

    Sandeep raway Member

    Sir trading a/c and broking a/c is same na. Can we open a broking a/c online. Where should I open online broking a/c?
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