LTA claim deduction if travel of journey with break due to non-availability of transport

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  1. Rahul K

    Rahul K New Member


    Kindly advise in below cases for LTA claim deduction on ground of break of journey due to non-availability of transport for 1shot journey-

    Case 1:

    Employee want to travel from Pune to Shoranur. But due to the train and reservation he is not able to travel from Pune to Shoranur by one shot. Hence, he has taken 1st train travel from Pune to Panvel & then Panvel to Shoranur. Both travel of train has been initiated on same day with 2 or 3 hours difference due to other train scheduled. His actual destination for travel is Pune to Shoranur (state Kerala) and return.

    Case 2:

    Employee want to travel from Kolkatta to Manali and return. But, due to non-availability of Air transport he had break his travel from Kolkatta to Delhi by Air and then By Road Delhi to Manali on same date. Also same way he had return the journey.

    On above two cases can employee claim his whole LTA amount under LTA deduction, please advise us.

    Rahul K
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