LTCG Investment in NHAI Bonds - Joint owners

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  1. AnkitguptA

    AnkitguptA New Member

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My father has a Long term capital gain of Rs 50,00,000 from a residential property.

    He is investing Rs 50,00,000 in NHAI bonds from the same account to save the following tax.

    If i become a joint bond holder (2nd) without any investment then can he claim deduction of full Rs 50,00,000 in capital gain calculation? ( or it will be reduced to half as number of bond holder is 2 )

    All experts are requested to Please help
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  2. Sahil Oberoi

    Sahil Oberoi Member

    If your father is the 1st holder and you are the 2nd holder - then he can claim the deduction.
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  3. AnkitguptA

    AnkitguptA New Member

    Thanks for reply Sir,
    If my father is 1st bond holder then can my father claim deduction for entire Rs 50,00,000 or he can claim only for half?
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