Max Marks increased in Revaluation by ICAI?

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  1. yaman

    yaman New Member


    Can I go for a revaluation of I T & SM and Audit copy because I think I got low marks according to suggested answer given on site.

    May be 18 marks will increase so is it good to take a chance r not

    Pl tell me
  2. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    Although in the past, we have seen 21 marks increase in CA Final May 2013 Results (Refer:, but such cases are a very rare sight.

    The chances of so many marks increasing are very rare. So, in case you are highly optimistic that there are chances of 18 marks increasing - then only you should opt for it.

    Else you would be wasting your time and keeping impractical hopes.
  3. yaman

    yaman New Member

    Thank u
  4. Nivedhitha

    Nivedhitha New Member

    Hey, could u please tel me when the ipcc revaluation results will be announced?
  5. manoj$

    manoj$ New Member

    If any ones ca cpt marks incresed in revaluation.
    Anyone suggest me
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