Mismatch in J1 & J2

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  1. Bharat Salunke

    Bharat Salunke New Member

    If Seller does not submit VAT paid by buyer against his VAT TIN no then what action can taken ?

    E.g I brought some goods of 1.00 lac from Seller XYZ.pvt which has 5% of VAT. So I paid 1.05 Lac bill amount and got bill from Seller. While doing VAT return Seller does not submit VAT received from me agaist my VAT TIN no due to any reason. I found this while submitting application for VAT refund from Sale Tax(Form 501). Now Sales Inspector showing me that your account does not match with seller XYZ.pvt.
    I would like to know that, What action I should take agaist such seller whose does not pay VAT given by us ?
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    You are eligible for refund. The VAT department should initiate the appropriate proceeding against the seller. Ask the inspector if anywhere in the Act or in the rules made thereunder it has been specified that refund will be available only if the seller paid it to the Govt. . Further, ask him to give it in written that refund shall not be granted citing the relevant extracts from the law.
  3. Bharat Salunke

    Bharat Salunke New Member

    Thanks ...
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