Mismatch of TDS in 26AS and other income tax records

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  1. nehagupta80

    nehagupta80 New Member

    I have received rectification request discarding my employers contribution of TDS for me which properly shows in 26AS. Employer is saying every thing fine from their records.
    Department of Income tax official are not considering the grievance already raised a few times.
    Can any firm or professional help me, i am ready to pay for the services offered.

    INVESTURU Member

    Firstly, please clarify your case in a systemetic manner.

    INVESTURU Member

    Mismatch of TDS as shown in 26AS with 24Q, may arise due to various instances, that can be:-
    Wrong PAN, Non-Filing Of TDS Returns by deductor, Incomplete challans, incomplete details in challan, Non-deposition of TDS payable by deductor towards govt. etc.
  4. Saurabh Z

    Saurabh Z Member

    You need to claim the same tds amount as shown in 26AS

    Non filing of TDS Return or non deposition of tax by your employer will make him liable not you

    You need to ask your employer in that case what he actually paid to government.
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