Mistake in responding to tax demand

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  1. ThangaveluKumaran

    ThangaveluKumaran New Member


    My IT return was processed recently and there was demand for about 10000 rupees tax. In September I had paid advance tax of 13500 but I did not update the return assuming it will automatically be taken care while processing. Now, it looks like I will have to pay 10000 even though I am eligible for a refund. I made one more blunder while responding to outstanding demand - I responded as 'Demand is correct' instead of 'Disagree to demand'.
    Is there a way out of this? 1. Can I file revised returns now u/s 139(5) and get it resolved? 2) Can I just pay outstanding tax but what about the 13500 I had paid ? Can I show it in next AY (AY17-18) even though I had paid for AY16-17?
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