my client have a business of cement having Turnover of Rs 10 crores and own 8 trucks

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  1. Rajshekar Muchlambe

    Rajshekar Muchlambe New Member

    Dear Sir

    My Client have cement business and owns 8 trucks used for transportation of cement from factory to his godown and for this the C & F Agent is Paying him rent for every delivery. now my query is Shall i show 44AE Income of all 8 vehicles or else shall put aseperate account for rent received from the vehicles as rent plz clarify Thank u
  2. Neelam Chhalani

    Neelam Chhalani New Member

    Sec 44AE is only for those engaged in business of plying, hiring, leasing vehicles. Since your client is in cement business, he can't claim benefit.
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